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Lines + Lashes Set
Mascara + Eye Liner Duo Ebony – a deep black $43
Lines + Lashes Set
Mascara + Eye Liner Duo Cocoa – a dark brown $43

Better-than-ever, natural mascara for sensitive eyes is now at your fingertips with Inner Beauty’s carefully formulated line of pure mascara! Now you can finally achieve the lash looks you have been wanting, without sacrificing any eye comfort or safety. Our high-performing Sugar Coated Mascara is a 99% natural formula that will volumize and lengthen lashes without doing any damage. Inner Beauty’s natural mascara is soft to the touch and smudge resistant but is easy to take off with just water. Easy on, and when you are ready, easy off! It is the no hassle, no stress, natural mascara for sensitive eyes that you have been waiting for! With Inner Beauty mascara for sensitive eyes, you can achieve flawless, brightening eye looks while conditioning and strengthening your lashes—it truly is a win-win! Read more about the carefully selected ingredients used in our products.